Benjamín Castañeda Aphan

Coordinator of Biomedical engineering  major.
Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
Professor of Electronic Engineering of the PUCP, he obtained the degree of Doctor in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rochester, NY, USA.
He has more than 15 years of experience in issues of image processing and its applications in medical treatment and diagnosis.

Ahmed Metwally 

IEEE EMBS Student Representative Bioinformatics Ph.D.
Candidate, Bioengineering Dept. University of Illinois at Chicago.

Roberto J. Lavarello

Associate Professor, Department of Engineering Director.
Master’s Degree in Biomedical Engineering Chief.
Medical Imaging Laboratory Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Jorge Luis Mirez Tarrillo

Professor in National University of  Engineering  of Peru.
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society of Peru Chair.

Luis Alberto Vilcahuaman Cajacuri 

Professor in Electronic Faculty of Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.
Doctor in Electrical Engineering – University of Orleans France, Master in Biomedical Engineering, Prof.
Principal PUCP, Coord. Area and Lab. Bioengineering, Dir. Master in Biomedical Engineering.
Specialist in Management and Evaluation of Health Technologies and Clinical Engineering.
Member Engineering for Medicine and Biology Society EMBS-IEEE.

Dante Angel Elias Giordano

Mechanical Engineer, Ph.D.  at Pontifical Catholic.
Circle of research: research and development of assistance technologies applied to physical and biomechanical sports rehabilitation.

Pilar Rossana Rivas Tarazona

Economist, San Marcos University.
Diploma in Public Health Studies and Hospital Sciences, Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium.
Master in Management Sciences, Health Planning, Management, Strategy and Law, Lyon-3 University, Lyon, France.