You can be part of a pleasant chat during lunch with leaders in the field of international Biomedical Engineering.

Enjoy this moment to share experiences and nurture current knowledge that is developed in different parts of the word in this broad field of study.

Our Leaders

Meet our distinguished leaders. Currently, they are developing research, projects and enhancing the fame of this incredible field.

Steven Wright

VP Members and Student Activities

Roberto Lavarello

IEEE EMBS R9 Representative

Benjamín Castañeda

PUCP-UPCH Biomedical Engineering Program

Mónica Huerta

IEEE EMBS Ecuador President

Juan Luis Crespo

IEEE EMBS Costa Rica Vice-Chair

John Muñoz

IEEE EMBS Colombia Chapter Chair

Alejandro Díaz

IEEE EMBS Puebla Chapter Chair

Ernesto Ibarra

IEEE EMBS Panama Chapter Chair

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Enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable lunch accompanied by magisterial guests in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

The cost of Lunch with Leaders is additional to the cost of the ticket for the ISC18 LATINOAMERICA.