FRIDAY 11.12.2020 Time (UTC+1)
Opening of the conference4 PM
Keynote presentation
Yasemin Akay
COVID 19 and the Neurological Complications
4:15 PM
Siddhant Sharma, Folagbade Abitogun
and Rajavee Srivastav
COVID19: Exploring uncommon epitopes for a stable immune
response through MHC1 binding
4:45 PM
Juliusz Stefański, Olaf Tomaszewski,
Marek Iwaniec and Jacek Wesół
Measurement of CO2 retention in Subea EasyBreath masks
converted into improvised COVID19 protection measures
for medical services
4:50 PM
Dóra Barczikai, Judit Domokos, Viktória Kacsari,
Dóra Szabó and Angéla Jedlovszky-Hajdú
Poly(succinimide) fibrous meshes with antibacterial property
4:55 PM
Keynote presentation
Metin Akay
Advanced Technologies for BRAIN
5 PM
Karolina Milewska and Adam Piórkowski
Initial approach of plaques detection in MRI images of brain
5:30 PM
Agnieszka Kazimierska, Cyprian Mataczyński,
Agnieszka Uryga, Małgorzata Burzyńska, Andrzej Rusiecki
and Magdalena Kasprowicz
Analysis of the relationship between intracranial pressure
pulse waveform and outcome in traumatic brain injury
5:45 PM
Maria Miażdżyk
Tracking the local backscatter changes in cornea
Scheimpflug images during tonometry measurement
with OCULUS Corvis ST
5:50 PM
Keynote presentation
Jean C. Cruz Hernandez
Transport of CSF to the retina enables remote
sensing of CNS inflammation by non-invasive imaging
6:05 PM
Krisztina Tóth, Dávid Juriga, Miklós Zrínyi,
Gábor Varga, Angéla Jedlovszky-Hajdú and Krisztina S. Nagy
Effect of amino acid based dopamine conjugates on human cells
6:35 PM
Ignacy Górecki, Arkadiusz Kołodziej, Agata Kołodziejczyk,
Matt Harasymczuk and Ksenia Szymanek-Majchrzak
An alternative methodology for preparation of bacterial
samples for stratospheric balloon flight: comparison between
high density wet pellet and medium density glycerol suspension
6:40 PM
Kitti Mintál, Attila Tóth, Anita Kovács, Edina Hormay,
Adorján Varga, Béla Kocsis, Zoltán Vizvári, László Lénárd and Zoltán Karádi
Gastrointestinal microbiome changes directly connect to the
control of behavioral processes which could be verified by
means of a new bioimpedance measurement.
6:45 PM
Seweryn Gałecki, Patrycja Niesłoń, Daria Kostka, Karol Mierzwa,
Magdalena Węgrzyn, Daniel Fochtman, Małgorzata Adamiec,
Dorota Hudy and Magdalena Skonieczna
Adipocytokine vaspin stimulates the migration process in different
colorectal cancer cell lines
6:50 PM
Evelin Sipos, Akos Juhasz and Miklos Zrinyi
Characteristic load-elongation behavior of weak
electrospun fiber texture
7:05 PM
Closing 7:10 PM
SATURDAY 12.12.2020 Time (UTC+1)
Opening 9 AM
Keynote presentation
Rosa Chan
Neural modelling: from computation to application
9:05 AM
Marcela Niemczyk
Bootstrap model selection for estimating the sum
of exponentially damped sinusoids
9:35 AM
Jakub Bukowski, Paulina Dałek and Magdalena Przybyło
Numerical Methods For Obtaining Kinetic Data From ITC
Measurements Regarding Interactions Of Molecules
With Phospholipid Bilayer
9:50 AM
Grzegorz Węgrzyn, Piotr Kmon and Bogdan Staszewski
Digital Controller for Multichannel Time to Digital Converter
in 28nm CMOS Process
9:55 AM
Piotr Biegański, Anna Stróż, Anna Duszyk,
Marian Dovgialo and Piotr Durka
On the possibility of mathematical unification for the currently
applied analysis of actigraphic recordings
10:10 AM
Keynote presentation
Daniel Razansky
Citius, altius, fortius – boosting image quality
and speed in optoacoustic tomography
10:25 AM
Agnieszka Lach, Subhamoy Mandal and Daniel Razansky
Segmentation and tracking of tumor vasculature using
volumetric multispectral optoacoustic tomography
10:55 AM
Adrian Kucharski and Anna Fabijanska
An algorithm for matching binary airway trees in 3D images
11 AM
Joanna Sorysz, Danuta Sorysz and Adam Piórkowski
An approach in segmentation of a First Generation Agent
Bubbles in the B-mode Echocardiographic Images
11:15 AM
Zofia Schneider and Elżbieta Pociask
Automated method of vertebrae external contour segmentation
on lateral cervical spine radiographs
11:30 AM
Break 11:45 AM
IEEE EMBC session 12:15 PM
Keynote presentation
Peter Maroti
Additive Manufacturing Technologies in the Development
of Medical Robotic Devices
12:45 PM
Luca Toth, Ádám Schiffer, Veronika Pinczker and Andras Buki
Initial results of lower limb exoskeleton therapy with human
gait analysis for a paraplegic patient
1:15 PM
Dhruv Seshadri, Evan Davies, Timothy Walker, Ethan Harlow,
Benjamin Geletka, Mike Andrea, Ryan Richmond, James Voos
Wearable Bioelectronics and Predictive Analytics
for Human Performance Assessment
1:30 PM
Justyna Sujecka, Paweł Strumiłło and Paweł Poryzała
Comparative analysis of vocal folds vibrations before and after
voice load
1:35 PM
Constantinos Voniatis, Dóra Barczikai, David Juriga,
Krisztina S. Nagy, László Kőhidai and Angela Jedlovszky Hajdú
Co-electrospun poly(vinyl alcohol)/poly(succinimide) composite
scaffolds for tissue engineering
1:50 PM
Akos Gyorgy Juhasz, Abdenacer Idrissi and Angela Jedlovszky-Hajdu
Creating three-dimensional artificial matrices for biomedical purposes
1:55 PM
Keynote presentation
Andrzej Skalski
Mixed and Augmented Reality in Medicine
2 PM
Artur Leśniak and Elżbieta Pociask
Stability of the parameters of the structural analysis
in relation to the method of marking the region of interest
2:30 PM
Konrad Duraj and Natalia Piaseczna
Predicting molecule toxicity using deep learning
2:45 PM
Antonina Pater and Mateusz Soliński
Scatter comparison of HRV parameters
3 PM
Kuba Chrobociński
Nuclei Detection in Images of Hematoxylin and Eosin-Stained
Tissues using Normalization of Value Channel in HSV Color Space
3:15 PM
Dominika Sułot
Selection of interpretable decision tree as a method for classification
of early and developed glaucoma
3:30 PM
Closing of the conference3:45 PM