Workshop on Healthcare Research

From sketchbook to real-world implementation during a global pandemic 

    In collaboration with,

By Researchers of theBRIC

Biomedical Research and 

Innovation Collective

About the workshop 

The workshop will be on “Healthcare research: from sketchbook to real-world implementation during a global pandemic.”, carried out in collaboration with the Biomedical Research and Innovation Collective, which will focus on a structured approach to hardware design, organizing a proper biomedical engineering/ signal processing/ machine learning research and effective documentation of research and this is certainly a topic that takes on an enhanced significance during a global pandemic.

The workshop will be conducted by young researchers in the BRIC with the help of Mr. Kithmin Wickremasinghe who contributed to several award-winning research projects at global competitions including the first runner-up at the 2020 CASS Covid-19 Special Student Design Competition for a Low-Cost AI-powered Stethoscope for Cardiovascular Disease Management in Resource-Constrained Environments. They will share their personal experiences in an interactive workshop which will have valuable insight from a familiar perspective to all aspiring researchers out there.

Date : 7 th February 2021

Time : 10.40 AM- 12.40 PM (GMT +05:30)


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